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The exhibition will be on until after Christmas
There is also a Barlife Competition to enter


Further down this page you will see a short Barlife slide show and some explanation of the work. You can see the my Barlife portfolio on my website, simply click here

It's all quite simple.

What is the best bar you have ever been in?
What made it so good?
Was it the atmosphere, what you saw, what you heard? 
What made it stay in your mind?

Tell me, and the best photograph, the best story or the best funny observation
about the best bar you have ever been in, in your life wins you a signed
David Morris print of your choice.

Simply email me at your best photograph, story, observation.....whatever, on what made the bar you visited the best bar in
the world.
Closing date midnight 31 December 2017
My decision is final
But in the event of more than one good story....well there may be more than one print awarded. And I may want to use your story in a book, but we can discuss that over a pint.

I’ve taken photographs in some of the most interesting bars in Europe and have
always found a story worth photographing.

The smokey bar on the left is in Amsterdam. A very attractive lady of a certain age entered, seated herself next to a man who lit up when he saw her.
And then she lit up - a huge cigar Churchill would have been proud of and proceeded to blow great clouds of smoke in the direction of the ceiling.

She created all that atmosphere in a matter of minutes. Life shortening it may have been, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I think there is a book in all of this hence the competition.

Click on my home page below and take a look at the other work I do.

Good luck with the competition!

You can see an exhibition of my work that includes, Barlife, Landscapes, Seascapes, and the Household Cavalry at Holkham at
The King William IV
Sedgeford Hunstanton PE36 5LU
Telephone:01485 571765

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                                                                                               Slide show may be slow on opening

                                                                                               BARLIFE EXHIBITION & The Stories

Bars, Cafés, and Pool Halls, wherever people and alcohol mix, provides a fascinating insight into the human condition, from the dramatic to the banal, from the beautiful to the dangerous. Terrific lighting, intriguing faces, thoughtful moments, what else would a photographer want?

It has its drawbacks                                                                                                           
A punch in the mouth being one of them, if you get things wrong. And since I work in places it’s easy to get a drink, it’s easy to think I have just taken the best photograph ever. She is fickle is Mistress Alcohol, she can freeze the moment, give you space to look and think, hand you a sudden insight, or make you linger over faces and places, appreciate the way light falls over an expression or the way a story starts to unfold. But she is not to be trusted, she’ll lead you up the garden path, your judgment is not safe in her company.
This study has led me to visit bars and cafés and pool halls all over Europe, some hardship you are probably thinking. I’m interested in the moment of composition, and the effects of light, but mostly I wonder what is going on here, what is the story? I'm also interested in how other people 'read' these photographs.
Sometimes it is uncomfortable, as a young photographer I thought I had the ‘right’ to take people’s photographs, now I’m not so self-assured.
I do hang on to the words of Edward Steichen who was talking about that old chestnut ‘Is photography Art?’ His words still carry a crackle nearly 100 years later. He said: “Today I don’t give a hoot in hell about that. The mission of photography is to explain man to man and each man
to himself.”

'Barlife' was exhibited at Hull International Photography Gallery
November 2015 - February 2016