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                                                                                               BARLIFE EXHIBITION & The Stories

Bars, Cafés, and Pool Halls, wherever people and alcohol mix, provides a fascinating insight into the human condition, from the dramatic to the banal, from the beautiful to the dangerous. Terrific lighting, intriguing faces, thoughtful moments, what else would a photographer want?

It has its drawbacks                                                                                                           
A punch in the mouth being one of them, if you get things wrong. And since I work in places it’s easy to get a drink, it’s easy to think I have just taken the best photograph ever. She is fickle is Mistress Alcohol, she can freeze the moment, give you space to look and think, hand you a sudden insight, or make you linger over faces and places, appreciate the way light falls over an expression or the way a story starts to unfold. But she is not to be trusted, she’ll lead you up the garden path, your judgment is not safe in her company.
This study has led me to visit bars and cafés and pool halls all over Europe, some hardship you are probably thinking. I’m interested in the moment of composition, and the effects of light, but mostly I wonder what is going on here, what is the story? I'm also interested in how other people 'read' these photographs.
Sometimes it is uncomfortable, as a young photographer I thought I had the ‘right’ to take people’s photographs, now I’m not so self-assured.
I do hang on to the words of Edward Steichen who was talking about that old chestnut ‘Is photography Art?’ His words still carry a crackle nearly 100 years later. He said: “Today I don’t give a hoot in hell about that. The mission of photography is to explain man to man and each man
to himself.”

'Barlife' was exhibited at Hull International Photography Gallery
November 2015 - February 2016