Welcome to Reds the photographic gallery for The Red Lion

David Morris


Hello, I'm David Morris the Photographer in Residence at The Red Lion.

'REDS' AT THE RED LION will feature work inspired by the Norfolk landscape and beyond. I'm also keen to show images produced by guests and patrons of the The Red Lion.

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REDS GALLERY Features work form Norfolk and elsewhere using colour, monochrome, and infrared.

RED LION PORTRAITS GALLERY This is something new. I'm keen to use the wonderful Northern light that pours through the windows at the Red Lion, it makes for great portrait opportunities. I'm on the look out for interesting faces, intriguing personalities. So if you know anyone, let me know.

BARLIFE This is a long term project I have been developing. All life takes place in bars and cafés, wherever people and alcohol mix, you will find great faces, moments of truth, and dramatic lighting. My website has a portfolio of work devoted to this subject.

COMPETITION ENTRIES This features work by guests and patrons of The Red Lion. Check out the Red Lion website for details.

DAVID MORRIS This link will take you to my website as a separate page so you can get back to the Red Lion site easily. There are a number of my photographs on show in the Red Lion. Prints framed and unframed are available at various sizes.

If you are interested in making a studio visit to see more of my work give me a ring and we can arrange something. My studio is fifteen minutes away, along the cliff top path towards Overstrand.

Hope you enjoy your stay at The Red Lion

NEXT EXHIBITION AT THE RED LION ARTISTIC LICENCE COAST WEEK                                              Saturday 24 October - Sunday 1 November 2014 11am - 7pm

David Morris Telephone: 01263 517118 email: dmbandb@hotmail.com