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Photograph of a waitress in the Hotel Baudy Giverny.
Wish we had been able to spend more time here. There was everything you need, an atmosphere that reeked authenticiy, not faked old that we are so used to seeing in renovations and bar make-overs.
Wonderful place - don't miss it.

Photograph of the Dining Room in Monet's bar Giverny.
Very few bars and restaurants remain unchanged these days. This is like meeting a very old friend again.
The Dining Room Hotel Baudy Giverny

Photograph of Hotel Baudy bar in Giverny.
The staff were brilliant, allowing me to photograph them as they worked.
Hotel Baudy Giverny

Photograph of Monet's bar Hotel Baudy in Giverny.
This photograph was taken a few years ago. It's the famous Hotel Baudy where Monet and other painters enjoyed a drink and a meal in between painting masterpieces.
The ladies in the background turned up unexpectedly, but for me they made the photograph.
Returning this summer 2015 it's a joy to see the bar and dining room are exactly as we left them.
Monet's bar Giverny

Photograph of a couple in a London bar.
Thanks for the photograph you two, didn't expect the shot to turn out so well. Should have taken your address. If you can please get in touch.
Looking at a stranger

Infrared photograph of the Cavalry in Norfolk.
In these infrared photographs I swopped the colour channels which gave me a blue sky and warmer feel than I had with the 'native' colour from my camera.
At the gallop

Infrared photograph of the Household Cavalry at Bodney Camp Norfolk.
This is an infrared photograph, so the colours are not what the eye sees, but I was more interested in trying to capture the spirit of the Cavalry.
There are more images on the Cavalry slideshow in the portfolio section. I wanted to use Pritouritze Planinata singing Chant from the Thracian Plain as the soundtrack, because I think this ancient sound matches the primordial nature of soldier, horse, combat and loss.
So if anyone knows of a suitably evocative alternative please let me know.
The Household Cavalry Bodney Camp

Photograph of river Bure
I could see the silhouette of this tree from quite a distance, mostly you spend precious early mornings like this searching out a decent composition as the atmosphere slowly disappears. This image was screaming out to be taken. What a gift.

Photograph of the river Bure.
This panoramic was taken early in January. A frost and some early morning mist gave a perfect atmosphere, admired by me and a few lone dog-walkers.
This is what you are missing staying under the covers on cold frosty mornings.

Photograph of the Lion's mouth Norfolk.
This photograph was taken on a Sigma 2DP, it's a small, difficult to use compact camera. Reviews about it are mixed. Poor in low light, focusing isn't easy, stops working altogether while it takes ages to read and write massive files, its processing software is not considered to be very fast either - and if that's not enough, it eats batteries for breakfast.
But for quality - it's simply outstanding - knocking spots off serious professional cameras.
You can see the veins in the leaves top left hand corner, and did you spot the bird?
A reviewer agreed with all the criticism, but said you were still getting the quality of a field camera, except this one would fit in your pocket.
I'm a fan.
The Lion's mouth

Black and white photograph of seas breaking and passing clouds.
It's hard to get a good composition from breaking waves. You can't judge what you have until you are back home. Mostly you are too early or too late when you press the shutter.
I saw the cloud formation and waited for it to come into the frame.
I never expected the composition of the waves to be so perfect.
Breaking seas and passing clouds

A photograph of people in a bar in MIlan.
This was a moment I didn't expect to capture.
The bar looked interesting and I did some test shots.
Then there was this sudden moment of Italian passion - in a beautiful composition.
The couple closer to us set up a moment of hope and possibilities, but in the shadows someone is alone.
All life is here my friend, be Italian - grab your happiness while you can.
The kiss

Infrared photograph of a Tatoo artist.
T n infrared photograph. The transformation of colour is always a bit unpredictable. The black T shirt Torri wore went blue, and her tatoos became even more dramatic and prominent.
The Tattoo Artist infrared photograph

Photograph of a tatto artist.
This is Tori she is a Tattoo Artist and the artwork.
People have mixed feelings about tattoos, most people like the idea, but in moderation. This amount of design covering both arms disturbs and excites curiosity in equal measure, everyone it seems feels entitled to voice their opinion, but I think Tori just deals with it.

The Tattoo Artist

Photograph of the Navigli in Milan in the fog.
When the fog comes down in Milan the best place is to be home or be in a bar, most Italians don't seem to mind which. This was a bitterly cold night, at the end of it I ordered a cappuccino in a bar - always the mark of a tourist. It's really a morning drink.
The bar tender suggested I added a bit more excitement to the coffee - it was all downhill after that.

Photograph of the Navigli Milan in the fog.
One of my favourite places in Milan is the Navigli. I can wander around there for hours. It's atmospheric, has brilliant bars and is very friendly.
I seem to have got some of my best bar shots from this area.
When the fog comes down it's even more atmospheric than ever. If you are in Milan, give it a visit you won't be disappointed.

Photograph of priests in southern Spain.Photograph of priest in a religious procession in Italy, with a megaphone.
Well there they are preaching the message.
Looks like with all the other media competition, they decided to use some cut-through.
Southern Italy.
The message

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