Barlife was the subject of a major exhibition at HIP - Hull International Photography Gallery for three months from November 2015.

Lonely Planet are also running a competition through Instagram with Barlife prints for the winners.

There are stories behind some of the photographs at the bottom of the page
and my blog has a Barlife section where you can leave your thoughts and experiences of visiting bars - there is a book in this somewhere.

Signed franked prints are available from the 'buy prints' page.

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Photograph of Café Florian Venice

Café Florian Venice

Photographo of wine bottles in an Osteria Milan.

Wine bottles

Photograph of card players and Pernod dirnkers France.

Cards and Pernod

Photograph of the inside of an Osteria Milan.

Inside the Osteria

Photograph of a bar in Amstedam.

A bar in Amsterdam

Photograph of drinkers.

Old town

Photograph of waiters in Soho.

Take a break

Photograph of lovers and someone alone.

Lovers and alone

Photograph of Dutch windows.

Dutch windows

Photograph of a couple in a bar in Milan.

Alone and together

Photograph of people alone in a bar.

Separate tables

Photographs of people drinking in Milan bar.


Photograph of a girl in a bar in Bruges.

A girl in Bruges

A girl in a bar alone.

Not alone

Photograph of a girl at a bar.

The girl at the bar

Photograph of a girl in Milano

A girl in Milano