A day with the Household Cavalry

The Drum Horse apparently has the rank of Major when in full regalia and must be saluted by passing soldiers. He looks magnificent and looks every inch his commission. During the day children had fed the horses, who where stabled in tents, carrots given to them for the purpose by friendly soldiers.

Later in the day the Cavalry did their display of horsemanship, one set piece is ‘pull down horse’. The rider still saddled pulls the horse down to hide from the enemy. The commentator said ‘We must never forget a horse is a weapon of war, and it’s better for a horse to take a bullet than a man’.

There was an audible sound of anguish from the crowds who had previously had such a pleasant time petting the horses with their children.

A sudden clash of realities on a bright sunny day with all the regalia.


An infrared photograph
The Drum Horse An infrared photograph
An infrared photograph
At the Gallop An infrared photograph




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