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Girl talk Milan
Girl talk : Milano

Girl talk

The times I’ve asked Italian girls in bars if it’s OK to photograph them, and could they just ignore me and carry on as if I wasn’t there. ‘That’s perfectly OK’ is often the reply and then they proceed to do exactly as I asked; I tell you it’s depressing beyond measure.

In England if you ask people to ignore you and they agree, their body language tells you otherwise. You know they are faking it, pretending that you are not there, while all the time wondering if they are looking good in the shot, or thinking what the hell is this guy up?

Our sense of other people is primitive, a vital defense mechanism. We need to know if what we see is real or deceptive, a friend or a foe? We are clever at recognizing what is true and what is false, we have to be our survival depends upon it. False emotions show in photographs, we know when people are faking things, which is why photographers prefer the candid photograph, the raw unguarded moment. It’s a constant problem, do you ask permission before you take a photograph and risk losing the moment, the truth, or do you steal?

Nothing to worry about here with these two as you can see, they are perfectly natural, as far as they are concerned, I’m gone, I don’t exist.



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