A girl in Bruges

A girl in Bruges
‘A girl in Bruges’

A girl in Bruges

It’s this interaction of eye contact, and body language that fascinates me. In bars we are all watching each other, you wonder what the story is, what’s the narrative? You look for the clues. You are inches away from finding out, this isn’t the street, it’s a bar, talking to strangers is acceptable.

In the ‘A girl in Bruges’, there’s a man in her life, you can just see the edge of him on the left hand side. He hasn’t got her undivided attention has he? My wife said perhaps he’s a photographer – cruel.

But what is going through her mind? And look at those long elegant fingers. The girl behind her getting ready to leave also echoes the expressive nature of the hands. Maybe these are the hands of a musician – or a dancer? People I’ve shown this photograph to have different ideas about her relationship to the man opposite and her possible occupation. What is certain is, everyone loves to speculate, to have an opinion, this is what we spend our life doing; wondering about the people around us.






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