The girl who never smiled


The girl who never smiled Milan
The girl who never smiled Milano

The girl who never smiled

I’d seen this young women in the Navigli area of Milan, she was very striking looking, but I never saw her smile, not the once.

Well OK, maybe the once.

I’d tried to photograph her in a café a few days earlier, but she realized what I was doing, picked up her bag and stormed off. Then she came into a bar where I was drinking. I thought I won’t get another chance like this, but I had my back to her and I couldn’t risk turning round

I held the camera up back to front and fired blind, checked the framing and fired again. I was expecting an out of focus badly composed image. This is what I got.

The sax player was a gift.

What makes her so melancholic? She has a beautiful bone structure, and the confidence to sit at a bar without a drink unconcerned by what anyone thinks, including the barman. She looks like she wouldn’t suffer fools gladly, her aloneness is fortress strong.

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