Interiors one of the images on show at HIP
Interiors Milano


I don’t know what there is to detain people in this photograph. Absolutely nothing is going on. Blood red walls, an empty bar, a door open in the street opposite. Edward Hopper could be quietly painting this scene, there’s nothing here and there’s everything.

Via Savona is the street that runs just outside the window, it’s a lively place, full of exciting bars, which seemed to add to the loneliness of this interior.

I waited patiently for someone to come in, to take a seat, order a drink, give a sense of scale, add the warmth of humanity.

If you were feeling alone, facing up to our ancient dilemma, ‘what’s the point of existence?’ this was not the place to ask the question.

I waited a bit longer.

No one appeared.

Some Barlife images now on show at The Gallery Norfolk 60 St Giles, Norwich and also available from the Bircham Gallery Holt

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