Living in apartments

Living in apartments : Naples An image from Barlife exhibition at HIP
Living in apartments : Infrared photograph


We booked a cheap room at a big rambling hotel that had seen better days a few streets from the railway station in Naples.

Edward Hopper would have approved; a vast mortuary of a room with a wrist-slitting ambience, it held a huge angular bed whose wafer thin blankets held not a shred of comfort.

If you booked in here feeling depressed, you wouldn’t make daybreak.

Outside on the streets it was teaming with rain. It felt like the opening frames of Blade Runner.

Abject poverty, dark alleyways, an air of menace, rubbing shoulders with stunning architecture and some of the friendliest people in Europe.

Neapolitans you feel, have life by the throat.

The Italians cross their roads at any point of their choosing, with the casual air of ‘you dare and try and run me over’, while their drivers respond gratefully with, ‘thanks, I think I will’.

An infrared camera caught the mood of what we saw. Everywhere you looked there was a photograph, either waiting to be taken, or about to happen.

I’m going back

Some Barlife images now on show at The Gallery Norfolk 60 St Giles, Norwich and also available from the Bircham Gallery Holt

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