The Kiss


The Kiss One of the images from Barlife now showing at HIP
The Kiss. Milano

The Kiss

This photograph was unexpected. I wasn’t in the bar for long which was dark and noisy and held not much promise. It wasn’t until later that I realized I had captured something special.

A sudden moment of passion, and human existence is caught in an instant; I didn’t know how I felt about the image, it isn’t the kind of photograph I would set out to capture.

I like the intrigue of the composition, the kiss dominates, but the couple close to us also have an unfolding story, and then there is someone alone on the edge of light.

What’s the story here?

Grab your opportunities while you can my friend and, do it with passion, be Italian, or remain on the outside, an observer like the figure in the shadows.

You might have an opinion of photographing people in public places?

I would like to hear it.

Some Barlife images now on show at The Gallery Norfolk 60 St Giles, Norwich and also available from the Bircham Gallery Holt

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