Barton Broad

Barton Broad
Barton Broad

This was a wonderful morning, misty but very still. But I was late and had to paddled like mad in my canoe  from the other side of the Broad before the atmosphere disappeared. Paddling in a panic I took various shots from different angles but started to relax, feeling pretty pleased with what I was capturing.

Then I realized the camera was on the lowest possible quality setting. The atmosphere may have been calm but the language was blue. More frantic paddling around to places I’d already photographed to capture something usable before the light went.

When I show this photograph people often remark being a landscape photographer is a very nice way to earn a living.

They should have been sat with me in the canoe!


2 thoughts on “Barton Broad”

  1. This is a beautiful picture… I have taken many while on holiday abroad… I’m no photographer & just use my phone.. but have some lovely pics from over the family never understand why I don’t want people in my shots, I just love the scenery…

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