The Hippodrome Circus

Hula Hoops
Hula Hoops

The Hippodrome Circus Gt Yarmouth is a special and unique building, over 100 years old, the original mechanism is still used to flood the arena to create a giant water circus. Backstage is a place of light and shadow, packed with backdrops, mechanisms, ropes and pulleys, photographs and original artwork, the glamour and the detritus of a working circus.

Emerging from dressing rooms the performers warm up before their entrances. Their exercises sometimes seem longer than their performances. They are concentrated, intense, in a world of their own, seemingly unreachable. But then the children of the performers appear. They are played with, entertained, loved, and looked after. This is a place of families.

I wanted to capture the intensity of a performance and the quiet moments of aloneness. The Limelight and the shadows.

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