‘Pals’ Trawlermen

The Anchor Pub Hessle Road

I think they were a bit embarrassed at being photographed in a way that seems unimaginable now. Today everyone photographs everyone else and then they photograph themselves.

I don’t think they could understand why I wanted to take pictures of them, why I found them interesting?

Years later I was out drinking with a two older trawlermen, one of them was the dad of a friend of mine. He was a big tough man with a sense of humour, and could start fights in far flung bars just out of sheer boredom to see what would happen. He was going back to sea at some ghastly hour early the following morning, I asked him how he felt about that, he said, “It’s funny, but even after all these years I still feel frightened.”

That’s why these men are interesting, but I wouldn’t know it at the time. All I could see where a couple of lads who could drink a lot.

Just one of the photographs on show at The HIP Gallery Hull Exhibition ‘The river we once knew’

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Brighton Street

This photograph looks like something taken in the blitz not 1973. These buildings were being demolished, part of slum clearance, or urban regeneration to give it its posh title. They set fire to the buildings first to clear them of wooden structures to make them easier to pull down. Kids watched with interest, fascinated by the fire and demolition. That was a time when they all played in the street together. There seemed to be no prohibition in going into the buildings which they all did including me.

I’m not sure if anyone had heard of Health & Safety. Now you are told flowing streams might be deep and the hot water in your basin might be… well hot.

These kids found out for themselves how the world worked.

Part of ‘ The river we once knew’ Exhibition at HIP Gallery Hull. Just one of the photographs on show with their stories.

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The Old Guard

The Theatre Tavern

Taken in The Theatre Tavern Queen’s Gardens, a pub that sadly is no longer with us. A fabulous boozer that let in lots of natural light that I thought might make for some dramatic portraits. I suppose I could have titled it ‘God’s waiting room’. They seem quite stoical, waiting for the inevitable, speeded up no doubt by the roll your own fags that never seemed to leave their lips. And you couldn’t cheat the Grim Reaper by claiming you never smoked, you were probably on 40 a day as a passive smoker judging by the blue fug in most bars.

Just one of the stories from one of the photographs at the exhibition.

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