The Old Guard

The Theatre Tavern

Taken in The Theatre Tavern Queen’s Gardens, a pub that sadly is no longer with us. A fabulous boozer that let in lots of natural light that I thought might make for some dramatic portraits. I suppose I could have titled it ‘God’s waiting room’. They seem quite stoical, waiting for the inevitable, speeded up no doubt by the roll your own fags that never seemed to leave their lips. And you couldn’t cheat the Grim Reaper by claiming you never smoked, you were probably on 40 a day as a passive smoker judging by the blue fug in most bars.

Just one of the stories from one of the photographs at the exhibition.

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Growing up in Hull

We had an inspirational teacher of photography at Hull College of Art, I’m still trying to track him down – Clee Rimmer – just to say thanks.

I’ve stared to dust off my old college negatives, they’ve improved with age.

I remember going out to do Street Photography in Hull, trying to be Don McCullin or Cartier Bresson, and coming back to the college to develop the negs only to be massively disappointed. They were ordinary, pedestrian, boring.

I talked to a pal from the same course and he said he felt exactly the same way – he almost binned his.

When you look at old prints it’s a shock to see just how much has gone and what has changed. They have a fascination and intrigue – intrigue if only because you wonder ‘how did those people’s lives spin out?’

What’s the advice here, go out and photograph everything in the street, because no matter how mundane, predictable or ordinary it is, one day it will have value. You could try that I suppose, it does mean you hope to be still with us at the end of a few decades.

And if you have been, thank you for reading.