The girl in the yellow trousers

The girl in the yellow trousers Milan Now showing at Hull International Photography Gallery
The girl in the yellow trousers Milano

The girl in the yellow trousers

This is the same girl as ‘The girl who never smiled’ in the previous post. When I got home to England I realized I had a special image, I determined on my next trip to Milan to track her down and show her the photograph.

 Yes I know it sounds bad, but just stay with me.

 I found her in this bar a year later. She was busy writing copious notes; I think she was an artist. She wore the yellow trousers for practical reasons; Milan was suffering a series of torrential downpours.

I showed her the photograph I had taken the previous year, I was worried, I thought she might be angry, but she wasn’t, if anything she seemed flattered, and agreed to sit for this portrait.

We exchanged email addresses and I sent her copies of both photographs, but never heard from her again.

Such is my luck with women.

And the time I saw her smile?

She asked the barman for hot water and sugar, it’s something the bar staff will sometimes do to help people stay in a bar a little longer when they don’t have much money. Being a gentleman he obliged.

She smiled and the room lit up.

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