Why the blog


I’ll try and keep this light, but won’t always succeed.

The basic premise is we are alone, in our little boxes, we have what we see, this is what we should celebrate.

Whistling in the dark – a way of keeping your spirits up.

I’m wondering if people see the same things I do?

Or are they whistling to a different tune?

These are my thoughts and observations, sometimes inspired by the stories behind the photographs I’ve taken. If things makes sense – great, if they don’t maybe you could have a go at untangling the threads.

I’ll cover landscapes and portraits and ‘Barlife’ my long term study of any place where people and alcohol mix.

I am using these posts to trawl for ideas, points of view and information. It makes me re-think my own work. Other people’s comments have been a source of inspiration, a fund of quotations, stories and insights.

Please be brave.