The Cavalry in Norfolk

The Cavalry have been coming to Norfolk for a number of years now, they link-up with the mounted police and have a few weeks of training exercises.

Famously at one point they go on to Holkham sands, unsaddle their mounts and ride them bare-back into the sea.
It’s a sight not to be missed.
The horses love it and make a point of trying to lose their riders… well that’s what I think!

I will post some of the images I took behind the scenes at Bodney Camp.
The Cavalry have Open Days over one weekend in order to raise money for their Regimental Charity.
It’s a good day out for all the family.

Check the Household Cavalry on Facebook for info’ on their visit.
I think they will be at Bodney Camp 20 July this year – but make sure to check.

The horses are in tented stables and the soldiers will let the kids pet and feed them.
But you must know: The Drum Horse holds the rank of Major and when in full regalia must be saluted!
Tell the kids.