I’ve been neglectful of the site recently. So, just to update you, have a look at New work Oct 2021, I’m very pleased with the opportunity to take photographs in the Suffield Arms near Thorpe Market. I think it will be a useful addition to my Barlife work.


The main body of work in the Portfolio section, includes:

Barlife: A study of the places people go to find others or lose or themselves

Other portfolios are Monochromes, Street PhotographyThe Hippodrome Circus, The Household Cavalry, and some other stranger stuff

Hull: My home town. Images from The River we once knew 1971 – a study of the streets, boozers and faces that have quietly drifted away from us

The top image is from a study called ‘Misery’ think Philip Larkin and Stevie Smith on a bad day.

The bottom image is a street study during two days of pouring rain in Genova.

There is more cheerful stuff to be had inside, promise.

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