New work 3

Photograph of the river Hull 1971

The River we once knew

What’s this doing in the New work section you may well ask, it was taken in 1971 – I think.

Well I’ve dusted down my old Kodak negatives and was quite pleased with what I’ve found. There’s a quality to film that is hard to define, but it does seem to reach people in a way that digital doesn’t. Or maybe it’s just simple nostalgia for the past.


Here’s a link to the slide show in the Hull section, see what you think.

There was hardly a photograph that didn’t work form this hurried portrait session. 
The dancers were real professionals.

‘While you were sleeping’

The fishermen are up at some unearthly hours to launch their boats and go to sea. During the summer time this can seem romantic…. but day after day? Believe you me you would find it exhausting.
But here I agree it does look good…. if he can just clear the wave.

‘The surfer’ Cromer

I was waiting for a pal outside The Red Lion watching the surfers. It was late evening, but I liked the sky and I thought their was an opportunity here.
I originally tried a monochrome print, but I couldn’t get any drama out of it. Then I tried solarization, the change was dramatic.

Black and white photograph of breaking waves.


Happisburgh has undergone a number of changes very quickly over the last few years. The sea is ruthless and after the last big battering it looked like a war zone for a while.

Now the beach is hoovered and tidied up, the debris cleared away, the sand laid out neatly for the holiday makers – until the next time

The sea isn’t afraid to let you know who’s boss or that she’ll be back when she’s good and ready.

Whatever; the power of the sea always makes for a fine monochromatic study – just don’t get too close!

Night time photograph of Oporto Bar Leeds.

Life’s for living

Taken in the Bar Oporto near The Calls in Leeds. A spectacular bar with a wonderful view of the street.

This area has excitement, intrigue, and energy mixed in with a hint of menace.

A heady cocktail.

But the people throughout are alive and friendly.

The couple opposite didn’t know me from Adam, but that still didn’t stop them buying me a drink.

With good reason this is one of my favourite bars.

This is part of a theme on Barlife, any thoughts philosophical or otherwise may be welcome.

Photograph of girl with a bottle.

‘Girl in black’

The two girls are friends. I was quite shocked by her direct and uncompromising stare. With portraits you are never sure how people will react to the camera. The look someone gives the lens changes very subtly over a few shots. Some photographers try to plant an emotion or a thought into the subjects mind, so that something registers in the eyes.

No need to try that here, this young lady was engaged with the camera immediately.

Photograph of a tough man in a bar.

‘Man in a hat’

Well you would think twice about being on the wrong side of this bloke. Here’s someone else who didn’t need any coaching on how to look into a camera. And the rings just add to a feeling of fascination and menace.

But he was such a friendly man.

One of the joys of drinking in bars; you get to meet people you would never normally talk to on the streets, and find all your preconceptions confounded.

Another photograph from Wharf Chambers.


Photograph of a girl with a bottle.

‘Girl in purple’

Taken in the wonderful Wharf Chambers. This is a Cooperative Club in an old Butcher’s shop. Virtually a pop up bar, lots of the decor from the Butcher’s shop remains in situ. All age groups mix freely here, much like you would find on the Continent, rarely in the UK.

Photographic portrait of Tom Gaskin.

Tom Gaskin at the Hippodrome Circus  Great Yarmouth.

The camera loves this man. He can look tall and awkward, lithe and powerful, charming and lost… anything he chooses, he becomes.

More photographs on my website page 

Photographic portrait of a dancer.

 ‘Dancer in the dark’

There is an album of the Hippodrome Circus work on my website page.

Photograph of dancers in Halloween costume.

Here are the girls

You wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of them would you.

Beautiful girls – dreadful table manners.

Photographic portrait of Thomas Dalton


One of my first photographs in The Hippodrome Circus GT Yarmouth in an attempt to document the ‘Limelight and Shadows’ world the performers occupy.

This is Thomas Dalton, father to The Flying Daltons,

a charismatic individual who always makes a great portrait, mostly serious and concentrated but with a smile which can light up any dark room. Here he must be thinking ‘what the hell is this guy up to?’

Photograph of dancers with Hulahoops.

Dancers are always going to be interesting to photograph, but I stayed away from them thinking I needed to capture the other performers going through their exercises.

But then they all appeared in these fabulous pink costumes and with the shapes made by the hulahoops this was too good an opportunity to miss.

This project ‘Lmelight & Shadows’ will shortly make its way to my blog and then a dedicated portfolio.

Meanwhile there is an album on Facebook that shows the work so far.

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