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Did Turner Ever Visit Cromer

‘Did Turner ever visit Cromer?’

I’ve got two exposures for this scene both taken on a tripod. One is a straight exposure and it is bluish in colour with a hint of the fiery setting sun. The other is a long timed exposure. The difference in the colour saturation was a big surprise. .. but maybe not to Turner.
And do you happen to know if he did?
Visit I mean.

Going Home

‘Going home’

Another image in my series of ‘Nocturnes’.
I was taken by the bright white benches against a stormy sea and sky. As I framed the shot this chap with a brolly walked past. ‘I thought drat, that’s that ruined, do it again’
Err…. no

Photograph taken at dusk of Cromer pier and lamplight.

‘Lamplight’ Cromer

I like the old lamps along the sea front at Cromer, but I found it difficult to frame a composition that looked good. I was working further along the promenade when I wandered into this view…. and I wondered what had taken me so long.

Photograph of steps down to the beach taken at dusk.

‘The illuminated steps’ Cromer

This was a difficult shot to get to – literally.
There was a fence around the cliff edge designed to keep the goats in as they hoovered up the grass on the cliff face.
But I could see there was a photograph to be made, it was just a question of getting the lighting right…. sorry.

Photograph of the sea at dusk with a red strip of the setting sun on the horizon

Nocturne ‘The illuminated sea’

I’ve always liked James Abbott McNeil Whistler.
I like the sound of his name – it is quite a handle.
I like his work and I love his Nocturnes.

Whistler said, ‘A nocturne is an arrangement of line, form and colour first’. He wanted to mould moods and stir the imagination by subtle combinations of colour and form that he captured in the hours of dusk.

I figured I’d ‘borrow’ this approach.